Walking with Orbison part four

I like like things together.

Alliteration gets me giddy.

Symmetry makes me smile.

And I think  know I’m obvious about it.

el lado coca cola de la vida

Coke is everywhere

This was taken in Nuevo Laredo while I was visiting my mother’s sister’s family. These things are an inch and a half tall.

You can look, but you can't touch

This is the second year I see these at Soriana. They’re four inches tall. I always touch them, I can’t handle the urge.

J.J.'s All Night Party Palace

Yea, I’m sure you’ve gathered this isn’t another walk with Orbison. But the photos I took while I was out with him today go well with these other one’s so here they are.

The Yellow Rose of Texas

I also like solid colors.

where do people buy cones?

I heard in the newsroom you can’t actually purchase these anywhere. I’ve owned a lot of cones.

we were so unprepared


I don’t get people who don’t like the color green. It reminds me of life.


I like to climb trees. Climbing things in general actually. Sometimes even elephants.

Texas Mountain Laurel


Cactus flores

My mother likes to eat these. She always points them out. I can’t help but notice them now, too.



Random taco truck I passed by. Sylvester and Tweety were on the other side. I want their tacos.


It’s weird how only some of the leaves get to turn red.

I miss my gazebo

the plaza


So dapperly dressed

What a dashing young pooch

There are those times when nothing in the world is greater than spending the day with your dog.


Is your iPhone ratting you out?

So is anyone else being forced to recognize their obsessive behavior because of the new iMessages?

Thought so.

What creeper suggested this feature?

...arg. what are you thinking and not telling me???

It’s bad enough I have random and irrational anxiety over whether people dislike me or not. Now I can watch myself be rejected in real time!

Read 11:00 GIVE UP AT THIS

Thank God I don’t have Siri or my phone would also vocally mock me.

That's incredibly rude, Siri.

There are just waaaaay too many situations in which being able to see people writing a response is excruciating.

There’s that really gorgeous boy who is just too cool to even consider thinking about features on an iPhone. How un-minimalistic.

Or when you miss a call from your mom and she texts:

Are you itchy? Your cousin got bit by a dog and didn't tell anyone.

What the frick is going on mom?!

And then you just see those three little bastards.


And not just the abuse but what about when I send a message. I don’t need you to know I opened and closed that text six times before I finally decided what to write.

 Hello, my name is Jessica and I am a victim of first world problems.

Any who…

I’m considering demolishing the iMessage.

I will begin by banning them from my phone. Will you join me?


How much do you love your iPhone and where did you get that case?

The day I got my iPhone my life changed.

This may seem far-fetched, exaggerated and untrue. But I assure you I am not dramatizing in the slightest. When I try to think about the times before I had an iPhone it just makes me sad.

My phone makes me smarter, on time, more efficient, a wanna-be photographer and a master of multitasking.

I have dropped my lifeline more than 3 times but not more than 10. Every time it suffers an accident, I suffer.

To avoid these difficult events I decided to get a better case. From research and an unofficial survey of random people I run into, the consensus was Otterbox is the best for keeping your phone in one piece. Strong, durable and they have a waterproof case!

So my search begins with Google as many searches do. I’ll be honest, I don’t want to pay 40 dollars for a case. I don’t even want to pay 20 dollars but if it is rather spiffy I just might. When I search for “cheap iPhone 4 cases” the first link I see is sw-box.com.

Sw-box has reasonable prices if you want a bedazzled case or a black and white picture of Steve Jobs on the back of your phone. No offense to the bedazzle lovers but getting an iPhone case is almost like getting a tattoo to me. It is something I will look at constantly and will unintentionally give others an idea of who I am. I don’t want ugly flowers or dolphins frolicking on my phone. I just want something pleasing to the eye and potentially unbreakable for $9.99! This shouldn’t be so hard.

Sw-box, like many other sites I have found, force you to either create an account with them to pay or create a pay-pal account. Shipping isn’t cheap either. I have found it is typically just as much as the case itself! Skip the bubble wrap and save me some cash, it is supposed to be durable anyway right?

At least at applecheaps.com you can search by price range. This was the second link in the search results. For some reason these guys LOVE prints. Want multicolored stars thrown all over your phone cover? You have found the right place. Do you just love that old curtain your grandmother has had since WWII? Perfect, you can get the same outdated print on your phone.

This is out of control

This is out of control. And they are still $14.00. So much for searching in the price range of $1-$15 dollars.

You would think there would be an app for this already. I mean how easy would it be to set up an app that showed you the best, cheapest iPhone cases and provided an easy medium to purchase and ship? Come to think of it I should make that app. Don’t steal my idea please.

So the search goes on. If I find a great site I will let you know. If you find one first let me know!

Where did you get your awesome case?