I want to be a Redneck

Hear me out.

I just spent five days in Deer Park, MD and it was glorious.

You know when you go home for the holidays and after the forced interactions with distant relatives or worse, your mom’s friends, you feel more exhausted then when you got there? That is what I was trying to avoid. So I ran away to hide in the mountains of Maryland.

Mother Nature truly reigns over Maryland from what I could see. I am an outdoors person and being able to see the river in full force brings all sorts of adjectives to mind. Powerful, majestic, intimidating, charming, raging and mind-blowing.

Thinking about it reminds me of air fresheners. They say things like “breath happy” and try our new scent inspired by New Zealand’s South Island where springs feed glacier-carved streams and verdant vistas. It might as well say breath in our starch based compound that swallows odor and will likely deteriorate your lungs from the inside over the next few years. Breath of fresh air my ass. Standing on the boulders silhouetting the river I breathed like I had never breathed before. My lungs deliriously gorged on the wind and the smell of the trees.

*My blog deleted itself and left an earlier version. I’m just going to post the pictures. Why technology? After all I do for you. You coy bitch.

*I do need to add one thing. The people I met in Maryland are unlike any other people. They enjoy life, they enjoy nature and beauty. They grow the best corn. They cook the best food. They laugh all the time. They smile at each other. Really. They’re wise. They hug, they cry. They care and no one needs to say it. Life isn’t necessarily slow it is just understanding. And when it isn’t, someone is there to catch you.

So comfortable
In yo face
Jared is gorgeous.
slippery boulders
Lady Macbeth AKA Mac
Gun shop in Hancock
Store in Hancock. Still not sure what they were selling? People?

Last sunset before I left
Driving with Jared's parents. They literally stop so I can gawk. I don't even have to ask.
Homemade potato candies we bought from Amish people

after dinner pose
spring water
goodbye love

3 responses to “I want to be a Redneck”

  1. Sarah (WannabeBallerina) Avatar
    Sarah (WannabeBallerina)

    Great post. How were the potato candies? I’ve never even heard of those! Maryland looks gorgeous, it’s nice to get back to nature sometimes. Without a phone.

  2. An awesomme alternate perspective! And lovely photos. thank you

  3. Thanks for reading! Glad you guys liked the pictures. The potato candies tasted like sweet potato fries dipped in peanut butter. Weird concept but delicious if you like peanut butter.

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