I love air shows

One of the oddest and most wonderful experiences I’ve had since moving to California two and a half years ago is attending air shows.


They’re usually at a brewery and the scenery is breathtaking.


There is literally love in the air.

criss cross

When I try to explain air shows to my friends I describe them as an airplane ballet.


But it can almost be like watching an artist create a masterpiece.

plane down

Making photos at an air show is rewarding.


Even when your friends steal your camera for a bit.


This one was my favorite. I always strive to go unseen and capture what I see. Usually, it doesn’t work out because my subjects see my camera first. But here, my shutter met her gaze.



Paper airplanes

Paper airplanes are the most unreliable, inaccurate, unstable and unpredictable three dimensional object one could possibly construct out of paper.

The best looking airplanes are usually the worst. Maybe it’s the deceit.

I remember the first time I crafted one. I would have been unsurprised if you had asked me how long I’d been an engineer. Clearly I knew what I was doing.


It was magnificent and symmetrical. I could already see it soaring. I also pictured it coming back to me like a boomerang. Those were good days.

But as you cast more paper airplanes the aspirations and hope you had so carefully creased into the blades begins to fade.

This isn’t at all like you pictured it. They don’t do any of the things you expected them too.

Now don’t get me wrong. Some of those airplanes are fun. They’ll have you chasing them around giggling your ass off because they slightly hover over your hands while simultaneously gaining more momentum and gliding farther. Then you run faster. You jump, you slide, you stare up at the sky so much you almost fall backwards.

And then you get tired of course and forget the paper airplanes.

Until that day, where there isn’t anything to do. Humming around your apartment you see a solid object waving at you as if trying to get your attention. It is then that you feel that wind in your heart and a twirl in your hands again.This is the perfect paper for a paper airplane.

Some airplanes fly straight.

Perhaps not at first try but after some practice and adjustments, you can combine the flick of a wrist and the weight of shape in your hands to produce equilibrium and height.

Lately I’ve been wondering what to do with a paper plane I think would be wonderful. See there isn’t any room where I am. It is such a shame to waste what appears to be a good paper plane. Planes were made to fly. If you can’t fly them should you just forget them until you can? Or should you just find a way to fly them anyway?