A little German to brighten your Monday

I don’t know about you, but Monday’s might as well be “try to get your life together” day. While I’m excited to get back to work, I’m always a little jaded from the weekend and usually need coffee to get in the zone.

There is always a lot to catch up on from the weekend, but I like to take some time with my coffee and see what’s buzzing around the interwebz.

This morning, it was a little German that made me smile.

Schmitt Söhne wine company is taking their marketing to the next level. You can now get a free cut out of this little guy to take with you on your adventures.

You can even do the chicken dance with him! I would be embarrassed but this is just too awesome.

Anyway, I took some time and mailed him to a few friends and of course one for myself. They’re in for a surprise.

Glücklich Montag.

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