About being a journalist

I know there are days when you can’t help but bring your work home with you.

We’ve all done it and on certain occasions, it is truly unavoidable. I got into this industry to talk to people, learn about different lives and try my best to help others while experiencing new things . One thing a journalist strives to be is unbiased. Perhaps a bit unattached in order to present information in a way that is ready to be interpreted rather than instructed.

But some days, we all feel it.

Chris Cobler shared The Victoria Advocate’s status.

Our condolences to his family, friends. That has been a difficult day.
We just learned that Daniel Teinert passed away in this morning. According to his Facebook page, he was a firefighter. Do you know Daniel? I’d like to talk to you about his life and what kind of a person he was. Please message us or call us at 361-580-6504

Jennifer Lee Preyss via The Victoria Advocate

Father who beat man molesting 5-year-old will not be charged.

Angeli Wright

Today was awful. Why is it somehow easier when people do horrible things to other people? Today I had to deal with things that just happened, because things happen. Maybe it’s because it’s just the world, there is no one to blame. My heart goes out to everyone who lost someone on this tragic day, and to all the journalists that have to bring it home with them.

Carolina Astrain

Great story today by Sonny Long on the Shiner beating death. It was a crazy day for news. Three different wrecks, several fatalities and then this 911 call. The video should be up shortly.

Caty Hirst ‏@caty_belle

Hard second day at work; I’m so sorry to all the families who lost a loved one today @Vicadvocate

Dianna Wray

Today was so normal. And then it wasn’t.

John Hornberg

First, dead person in a motorcycle accident. Then dead teen in a car accident. Then decision not to prosecute the father that beat a man about to molest his daughter to death. Then two more dead kids. Then the dead mother. And there’s still two more hours to this day.

J.R. Ortega

Such a busy day. Such a sad day. My thoughts are with all the families involved in today’s wrecks. Six people killed in three wrecks. Also a family of three from our area killed. I have seen things today I would never wish anyone else to see. Please be careful on the roads.

There’s a video of the audio from the 911 call played during the press conference posted here.

Victoria firefighter, 22, dies in motorcycle wreck.

Mother of 2 boys shot in Laredo found dead in El Campo

Family of 4 killed in 3-vehicle wreck near Hallettsville

West senior dies in head-on crash on U.S. 87

My heart goes out to the people who suffered this day and to those who will continue to.

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