Why won’t Facebook let you follow your friends on Twitter easily?

Let’s face it, Twitter is the walkie-talkie of the 21st century.

When you follow someone, you are adding them to your frequency. But you wouldn’t go around handing out walkie-talkies to random strangers and expect them to go along with it.

Naturally you want to follow friends, and if you’re like me some political pundits and funny people too. But how do you go about following your friends when they have handles like @Chicarita and aren’t easily searchable by his or her real name? Some people are just too hard to find on Twitter and then you’re stuck tweeting to @CNN and @TXGirlProblems.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just follow all your friends on Facebook who have Twitter accounts?

You’re not the only one that thinks so. According to Twitter, “The Facebook app cannot currently access your Facebook friend list. We believe this is an issue on Facebook’s end.”

Surprise, surprise.

Facebook’s official statement: “We are working with Twitter to resolve the issue.”

That was in 2010.

More and more people are getting on Twitter these days. When I first started to use Twitter, I didn’t understand how it was anything more or better than a status update. Then people started following me and I started following them back. The compulsion set in and suddenly it’s like standing around the watering hole all day. You can’t go more than an hour without checking your feed. It nags at you because you can always expect to open Twitter and find something new.

I mean, quite frankly my life wouldn’t be complete without having discovered the honey badger video. I think we all fell into a tweet coma when that first came out. Twitter did not rest until every joke relating to honey badgers was tweeted and retweeted and favorited.

This is why it helps to add your real friends to Twitter. They’ll end up serving as an escape to the Twitter trend madness. If you figure out a way to do this easily, let me know –@jesspuente.

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