Nightmares and witch doctors

If you were in Ohio yesterday, you may have thought you had stumbled onto the set of Jumanji for a minute. Dozens of exotic animals were set free in the middle of stormy weather.

This morning started off like a nightmare too. Earthquake in a small town in Texas and Gadhafi is found and brutally killed.

Besides scrambling for AP updates and answering phone calls from people who were wondering how big the earthquake that killed Gadhafi was, the morning went pretty smoothly.

At least it went better than last night.

Do you dream? I don’t. I nightmare.

I have the weirdest nightmares too. Something you would only expect after watching gore-filled movies and eating your weight in cookie dough and pizza.

I’ve always had trouble sleeping. It was creepy and at times paranormal. I would move furniture. Put chairs on top of beds. Scream uncontrollably and then get back into bed like nothing happened. Once, my uncle found me sitting upright in the kitchen in the dark.

I would have given me away.

Thankfully my parents weren’t as startled. They did however, take me to a witch doctor. They aren’t exactly listed in the phone book, but they also aren’t hard to find. The witch doctor prayed over me while rubbing an egg over my arms and legs. Then she cracked open the egg in a bowl. Careful not to break the egg yolk, she placed it under my bed. I slept more afraid then ever.

In the morning if the egg yolk was broken, that meant the evil spirit haunting me was gone. I guess it was supposed to work like a dream catcher.

Either way, it didn’t really work.

Now a days, a 10 hour day work week and a bottle of Jameson ensure the cure to any sleep disorders I may encounter.

How do you dream? Or do you nightmare too?


One response to “Nightmares and witch doctors”

  1. Guide Bobby Fleury Avatar
    Guide Bobby Fleury

    i used to dream and then have deja vu’s. I recently had a dream or vision more like it and i seen something that i always knew was there: the dark side and light side. tell me about what you have seen…

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