Do you listen to your body?

My first job out of college and three months into it I’m offered a free massage.

No, we don’t have any openings right now, but I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve never been a big fan of random people touching me. I get my nails done and still think it’s awkward that someone has to touch my feet.

But sometimes your body screams at you and you should listen.

I signed up for my free massage because I started this new, more intense, workout. Hugo Rivera’s Body Reengineering Transformation

It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds, but whoever invented chest dips is probably a cruel, sad person.

With this workout and training for a 5k, The Warrior Dash in ATX, my body has been in some pain. Pain in places I didn’t think I could feel pain.

Along with today’s massage, the good folks at Lordex Spine Institute gave me an overview of my alignment. I’m basically on my way to becoming the hunchback of Norte Dame.

I went ahead and made an appointment to see the chiropractor. The woman handling my appointment said there were treatments that would permanently heal my back pain.

I’d never looked at the pains and creeks in my body as “fixable”. I just figured they were a part of life and reassured me that I wasn’t sitting in front of the couch too long. I had even come to terms with stress being a factor in back pain, headaches and tension. But now someone was claiming I was wrong and magical hands could fix this.

I’m only 22 years old and I just wonder when should I stop sucking it up and actually listen to my body? How long did it take you?


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