Dear guys who walk down the street with their hands shoved in skinny jean pockets,

It isn’t winter yet. Your hands can’t possibly be that cold.

You do not look cute, mysterious or misunderstood.

You look stupid.

Especially when you are too busy looking mysterious to pay attention, trip and smash your face on the concrete because your hands were in your pockets.

I can grasp the concept of wanting to have your hands in there. Simply Irresistible has taught us you do that when you think about sex so it is safe to assume you would have them there always. But skinny jeans?

You can’t even get your whole hand in your pocket! What is the point? If you wear skinny jeans  you’re letting me know that you can fit in skinny jeans and if you can fit in there I’m guessing you won’t fit so well elsewhere.

Best of luck,


One response to “Dear guys who walk down the street with their hands shoved in skinny jean pockets,”

  1. I kind of agree. I will never spend more than $20 on non-conservative clothing and accessories. You can see why a less tolerant regime like Russia would try to .

    But I’ve never actually listened to emo. Maybe I should try that now.

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